Portfolio site of Bay Area sculptor and installation artist Shannon G. Wright.

Shannon Wright is a sculptor and installation artist based in San José, California. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Wright grew up chiefly in Sydney, Australia, and then spent her formative years as an artist among the iron trestle bridges and abandoned turn-of-the-last-century hydroelectric power plants and foundries of Richmond, Virginia. In the past decade, Wright has been creating her own "ruins" and monuments, in reaction to a society whose mercantile logic never ceases to disorient her. Wright puts forth fictitious products that might appear to have been government-issued or sold by Home Depot, and subsequently allowed to fall into a state of neglect. With these objects she mourns the erosion of regional cultural identities and the rise of big-box ubiquity.


To see process pictures of artwork, go to http://shannongwright.blogspot.com

Shannon in wood shop